To better serve our Business owners in the township, the department developed a Police Business Directory (P.B.D.) which includes information that would be needed in a critical incident or to notify person(s) responsible that an active alarm or police response occurred at your facility.
To enroll, simply complete the required information and press the "submit" button. If you have questions or need to update information that is already submitted, contact the police department.
Note: Your business information will remain the custody of the police department and will not be transmitted to a third-party email list. (12/2013)

Business Name:
Site Contact Name:
Cell Number
Would you like an email if the police department responds to your business for a alarm?*
List any other person(s) that may contacted after your hours of operation in the event of an alarm or incident at the facility. (Include Phone Numbers)
I agree to register with the Jackson Police Business Directory and I understand that the data collected is a public record under Ohio Law*


Department Phone: 330-538-3093
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